In the Lounge of Style you can request Counseling , the research of special Services, or the Direction of your Event and we will dive together into the fantastic worlds that revolve around the most beautiful moments.

Hospitality and Passion :    Looking for the most beautiful Locations

The Delights for the Palate:    Banqueting and Catering , Cake Design

Not only Fashion :    Dresses , Accessories and Jewelry

Beauty and Wellness:   Fashion & Image Consulting, Makeup Art and Hair Styling, Spa pleasures

Modern or Vintage :    Cars and more

Scents and Colors :    Floral arrangements and Flower Design

Elegance and Innovation :    Mise en Place and Table Decoration

The Magic Wedding Show :    Music , Shows, Dancers , Fireworks , Lights , Set Design

Surprise and Sweet Sins :    Tableau Mariage , Confettata , Candies and Cookies

The most beautiful pictures :    Photos, Video , Blog, Web Vision Wedding , Portraits

A Thought for Guests :    Wedding Favors and Cadeaux

A Thought for the Bride and Groom :    Wedding List , Online List , Honeymoon , Hostess

To forget about it :    Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

All Made in Style!