travelMarriage is a journey through life and in the philosophy of Made in Style ” the journey is life”.
Hence the project of Personal Consulting in Travel, outgoing, incoming and Honeymoon : the aim is to explore the hidden corners of well-known or unusual places to offer a tailored program of itineraries, choosing what best suits to your own taste and following you discreetly.
Discovering a place does not only mean tourist routes, but to experience a wide variety of activities . To listen to a jazz concert being on the other side of the world, to know which restaurant has your favourite cuisine , behind which corner you can meet heaven or the most amazing street character, that’s what makes Made in Style a Personalized Travel Guide , the compass of a route that makes the travel an experience, through the direct knowledge of the places and the work of a professional team.
But not only … Destination Wedding and the Wedding Tourism also led Made in Style to a deeper knowledge of the Italian territory and hence the opportunity to offer services of excellence for the incoming tourism, regardless of events. The range of selected villas and locations represent the starting point and from there the construction of all that contributes to make the journey an incredible nourishment for the soul …