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“Everyone knows that there is something impossible to be realized , until a fool who does not know it , invents it”

Albert Einstein

When I read this sentence I thought of the many ” I would like ” of those who dream of organizing their own event but do not know how.
To Einstein I would say that it is not hardly ever a fool , and to you, that I like to invent your desires!
…To invent them in the most innovative way, entering a comfortable lounge, where , in a sort of Lovely Wedding Shop , you can entrust your imagination to a team of experts that will transform your requests in a skillful and professional research on the Italian territory and abroad.
In the world there is everything , you have to find it and turn it , like Cinderella’s fairy that ,with a flick of her wand , has interpreted a dream … Actually she turns a pumpkin into a carriage, she is the problem solver of fairy tales and we will be for your Wedding or your Event .
Mental and economic balance and fun are protected and the concept of unique directed entrusted to the traditional figure of the wedding planner is overturned by careful councilors, inventors of follies or tranquilizers companions next to you, the only protagonists .

All Made in Style … In your Style !

Lina Tresca

Event & Wedding Advisor